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If you don't build for your friends, you shouldn't be building for anyone else.

Haley Custom Homes is a boutique custom builder, specializing in high-end custom-homes. We intentionally build only three to five houses per year. In all our years of building luxury homes, we’ve become known for the quality of our work and attention to detail. Southern Traditional custom homeAs members of CBUSA, we’ve banded with other boutique builders throughout the U.S. to form a builder purchasing group. Because of the purchasing power of our group, we are able to command deep discount prices that a stand-alone custom home builder is unable to achieve. For years, we’ve been involved in the green building industry, receiving training and certifications, working with energy consultants, and pushing the envelope of energy efficiency with each custom home we build. Today, Haley Custom Homes has received the Energy Star recognition from the EPA.  Haley Custom Homes is the recipient of the CHUBB Insurance “Masterpiece Protection Network”. This is given to a select few Custom Home Builders in the U.S.

Dan Fuller, owner

Owner Dan Fuller has been active in the Colorado real estate market since 1991. He began by purchasing homes, stripping the insides, adding square feet, and flipping the houses for profit. In 1996, he started to buy homes, tear them down, and build new homes on the property. The luxury custom homes he has built since 2002 have ranged from 4,500 square feet to 20,000 square feet. Dan Fuller lives in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Born and raised in Colorado, Dan Fuller knows the metro area and he knows Colorado real estate trends. In addition to being a home builder, Dan is a licensed real estate “broker.” He brings his skills as an entrepreneur and developer to the boutique home building business. With inside knowledge of land and home sales in Colorado, Dan can often hear about transactions before they hit the market, giving Fuller clients a distinct advantage.

Why build with Haley Custom Homes? 

Attention To Detail

You know you want to work with a boutique custom home builder who has the experience and expertise to construct your vision, to your specifications, down to the finest architectural detail.

In Touch At All Times

Throughout all phases of construction, you want to be kept in the loop. Every step of the way, you want direct, timely communication, in job-site meetings and prompt responses to phone calls and e-mails. You want the building process to be simple and easy, to be able to log into a website 24/7 and check out photos of construction, calendars of progress, and change orders.

Eye On The Bottom Line

You want someone to keep an eye on the budget and bottom line of your custom home, and you want competitive prices on building supplies, the same deep discounts national builders command. You want an energy efficient home, one that meets or exceeds today’s “green” standards.

Partners In The Process

Before beginning the building process, you want a proposal that’s as comprehensive and detailed as a business plan. You want a builder you can trust, someone you feel comfortable with, because you know you’ll be working together closely for months to come. You want to look forward to each and every day as you watch your dream home rise from the ground, and you want to complete the project with an intense feeling of satisfaction, pride, and accomplishment. That’s what you want, and at Haley Custom Homes, we can deliver all of the above and much more. We’re a boutique custom home builder, and we’ve been building luxury homes for clients in Colorado for many years. If you’d like to talk to us about your custom home plans and how we might work together to build your dream home, please call (303) 601-9446.